We are hosting pop-ups in NYC all year long. 


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“I love this store. I buy about 85% of all my clothing here. They have such fun designs, never boring. There is a good price range and always a fruitful sale rack. I wear a size large and still find a great selection of flattering outfits. Love love love.”

 Viva M.K – 1 week ago – Google review

“These clothes were made for me. I love NU New York. Every time a new piece is showcased I order it online. 9x out of 10 the fit is perfect for my body type. I am 5’5” approx 135 lbs. The cuts cover my hip line and camouflage me into a slimmer version of my self. With every wear I receive numerous compliments throughout the day or night. I wish for some skirts to compliment the beautiful drape of the tops. Keep em Coming!!! Price is right, sales are amazing!”

Janice S. – 9 weeks ago  – Google Review


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