Your Guide to How eSIMs Work

Are you one who travels frequently and wants to know what eSIM offers? The most important part of your traveling regime is to get a stable carrier network that can give you connectivity on the go. Be it the internet, calls, messaging, etc, one need to stay connected in order to navigate easily through foreign locations without any issues. Buying a traditional SIM was always an option before, but now eSIM offers multiple ways to get access to the internet and calls without paying hefty charges. In this blog, we will discuss how eSIM works and how you can activate it if you are traveling abroad.

What does eSIM offers, and How eSIM works?

Want to know how eSIM works and what eSIM offers? ESIM, usually pronounced as embedded SIM, is considered a hardware version of a physical SIM card that comes embedded with the chipset of a smartphone. A physical or traditional SIM card is inserted into a device to allow you to use data services and the internet while storing the user’s data, such as location, messages, contacts, and phone number itself, in the SIM, but with eSIM you don’t really need a physical SIM card. The main important advantage of eSIM is that it eliminates the need to purchase a new SIM card every time you travel to abroad or a new country. This feature is particularly beneficial for travelers who need internet access and convenience wherever they go.

How eSIM works?

In terms of how eSIM works, The eSIM has an integrated chipset within the smartphone motherboard that lets users connect to networks easily through downloading “Network Profiles” provided by different telecom carriers, which gives them access to instant internet, messaging, and call facilities without the need of a physical SIM card. The network profile of different telecom carriers can be switched easily, which is the best advantage an eSIM offers its users.

However, the eSIM feature is only supported by the latest smartphones of popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. So it is first important to consider whether your device supports the eSIM feature or not.

Use eSIM with Mobimatter – How do you Activate eSIM?

Here are simple steps to activate your eSIM using Mobimatter. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download the Mobimatter app from the play store or Google Play to get the list of best plans and eSIM offers. 
  2. Check for the best eSIM offers and packages that suit your needs as per the validity and pricing. 
  3. Buy the package, and you will receive QR for your eSIM, through which you can easily download your “Network profile” with all the instructions, and then you can activate it instantly.
  4. You need to enable roaming, change APN settings, and switch to eSIM in settings before you are able to activate and use your eSIM for calling, messaging, or internet connectivity purposes.


Now you already know how eSIM works and what eSIM offers, you can buy any reliable eSIM package for your international travel and get access to affordable plans on the go.